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Content Professor – The World’s Best Online Article Spinner & Rewriter

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Duplicate Content Checker – Article Rewrite Comparison – DupeCop Desktop 2.0

Duplicate Content Checker - Article Rewrite Comparison - DupeCop Desktop 2.0Click Image To Visit SiteHi, I’m Jean Rennick, and I’ve been an Internet Marketer since 2005. I’ve also worked in the IT departments of several Fortune 500 companies, developing software solutions to meet a variety of needs.

Like you, I’ve found myself obtaining content for my and my clients’ websites in a variety of ways, including purchasing both unique and PLR content.
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Article Writing Clients

Client Etiquette- How To Impress Your Clients And Keep
Them Coming For More?

In the content writing business, landing a job is not enough. In order to grow, you must be able to impress your client enough, so that not only do they come back to you with more work, but also refer others to you.

Top Relationship Building Strategies

While there is no substitute for professional and well-written content, you must also be able to give your clients the following essential extras: Prompt communication
Occasional discounts/leeway
A hassle-free working environment

The following tips will help you ensure that you are able to give the same to your clients:

Don’t go lax in replying to e-mails and messages, once you get the job. Ideally, you should respond within-24 hours.

No one appreciates missed deadlines; if you have committed to a day and date, make sure you deliver on time. In case you are not able to do the same, inform your client in advance about the reason for the delay. More importantly, let delays be an aberration and not a matter of regular practice.

If you have agreed to work for a certain amount and later realize that you grossly miscalculated the time and effort involved, don’t blame your client or haggle with them to increase the payment. Finish the work you have taken and then politely tell them that you would not be able to offer the same rate for future projects.

Be open to editing and re-editing till the client is satisfied with the job. Look at it this way, if you liked an outfit at a boutique, you would only buy if it fit or the owner offered to alter it to your size, right? A buyer too is under no obligation to pay you, unless the content you have written meets their standards and requirements. If after repeated edits the buyers keeps returning the sample, you may offer to take a price cut or let go off the payment due to you completely.

Give your buyers the respect they deserve. Keep your tone polite, even if you have decided that you can no longer work for them. Having said that, make sure that you get the same treatment in return.

People hire content writers to outsource a task they don’t want to bother with themselves. Your job, therefore, is not just to provide good content, but also make sure that the job is truly off your buyer’s hands. If they have to chase you repeatedly for delivery, send you repeated instructions about improving your writing style,
grammar, etc, you are not doing a good job.

If, despite, your best efforts you are unable to gel with your buyer, it’s best to take a pay cut and bow out gracefully.

When you give a buyer a little more than they asked or paid for, you create the perception that you truly are better than the others in the market. So, an occasional leeway or discount, such as doing an extra half an hour of research for free, charging less than the agreed amount if you were able to finish work early, etc, are all ways
to impress your client and keep them coming back for more.

Other than these tips, take cues from your clients and mould your behavior with them accordingly. As a content writer you will be working with people from all across the globe, so keeping everyone’s cultural background in mind may be difficult. Letting your client
take the lead in what is considered acceptable behavior is therefore the best strategy to follow.

Client Etiquette Worksheet

Exercise1: Understanding the key job challenges
Choose one of the options for each of the following situations:

1. It’s been three days since you sent an article and your client hasn’t

A: Send him a polite reminder about the article, saying that you just wanted to follow-up and check if he needed any changes or edits to be made.

B: Send a mail asking the client to pay you since you’ve done the work and have already waited for three days for their response.

2. You took up a job and realized later that it’s too much work for very little money.

A: You tell your client that you can’t do the job and ask them to pay you for whatever work you’ve done.

B: You finish the job you’ve taken to the best of your ability and if the client offers another project at the same rate, you tell him that the last job turned out to be extremely time consuming, so you’d be happy to work on the new project if the price
could be revised.

3. You fell sick and couldn’t meet your deadline, when you open your inbox you see scathing mails from your client.

A: Respond to it telling them you had fallen sick and would be sending the completed draft as soon as possible.

B: Apologize for the delay, give them the reason, commit to a time and date (the earlier the better), offer to take a price cut and deliver as per your commitment.

4. You have been shortlisted for an interview and the client tells you that you’ll have to do a sample article for them in order to get the job and you’ll be paid only if they like the article.

A: Tell them that you’d be happy to share samples of your published work and would be happy to do as many edits as they require, but you would not be able to do a free sample. If the buyer agrees, great! If not, you bow out politely.

B: Agree to it.
Correct Answers:


Article Marketing Tools And Article Marketing Syndication –

Article Marketing Tools And Article Marketing Syndication - MarketersDomination.comClick Image To Visit SiteBlue Yeti RealTraps Review By: Rick Fretboard – Taking your voice over projects to the next level is easy. You’ll just have to improve the quality of the audio you record. And you can do so without spending a lot of money.

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Unique Articles Maker – Create unique articles – Unique Articles Maker

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Health PLR Articles – Health Private Label Rights

Health PLR Articles - Health Private Label RightsClick Image To Visit SiteThe Health market niche is about to explode reaching new levels of growth this 2010. Its time to claim your share in this multi-billion dollar industry today !!!

We bring you the 5 hottest keyphrases in the health category that have been registering a consistently growing upward trend in search volumes since 2004 !
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